REPEATER SERVICES provided by JV Protection Services

You have the option of a single site coverage, or the benefit of IDAS multi-site Wide Area Coverage.

Adelaide CBD Site
Ideal for High-rise, Government, Markets, Couriers etc. Our Adelaide site covers the city and metro areas.
P25, IDAS and MotoTRBO available. coverage map


Banksia Park Site

Our NE Site covers all of the Adelaide area and extends out as far as Snowtown*

P25, IDAS and MotoTRBO available. coverage map



Covers the Adelaide Metro area and the South Coast line.
IDAS Digital and MotoTRBO available. coverage map




IDAS and MotoTRBO Radio Coverage provided by JV Protection Services
Coober Pedy
Mount Barker
Victor Harbor


Repeater Sites, Radio Sales, Consultancy and Design

Our multi-site Wide Area Coverage digital network includes sites at;
Adelaide, Ceduna, Coober Pedy,
Hamley Bridge, Lobethal, Mount Barker, Mount Gould, O'Halloran Hill and Whyalla giving you the best coverage possible.

We are always expanding our digital radio network coverage, adding more locations to keep you connected in more places.

As you travel between areas, your radio will automatically switch between sites, so you do not need to worry what channel you need to be on for what area.


Our digital network gives the largest coverage in the state, leaving our competitors out of range.

 View our IDAS coverage area

 View our MotoTrbo coverage area


We are able to provide:

  • Digital/Analogue systems
  • Conventional 2-way radio systems
  • Data
  • Emergency duress
  • Logging of all radio communications (time and date stamp, radio ID)
    • AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location)
    • Voice recording and archive system
    • Hire of 2-way radio equipment
    • Service/Maintenance agreements
    • Lease/rental packages

We offer the following digital network solutions: 

  • IDAS
  • MotoTRBO
  • APCO25
  • Digital Sole User Networks
  • Digital Shared User Networks

 Available features through our networks: 

  • Digital Communications
  • Group Voice and Data Communications
  • Individual Voice and Data Communications
  • Vehicle, Handheld and Office based Hardware
  • GPS Location
  • Text Messaging
  • Activity Reporting and Recording

Whether you’re a small business only requiring communications between two people or a large corporation, we have cost effective feature rich solutions available to suit your requirements

Repeater Linking & Telephone Interconnect also available on request. Please contact us for more information and pricing.


Two-way radios are a great way to go for communication

The benefits of two way radio are :

·         No connection Fees or minim monthly spends or lock in contracts

·         You have your own frequency assigned and you use it when you want 24/7

·         We offer great rates for the private user to small or large company


Two-way radios mobile devices Saves you money and time Handheld portable two-way radio Base station radio systems.


Mobile two way radio hire for Adelaide

Call us on (08) 7123 4110, Mobile hand held radios, Mobile two way communications, UHF radio data units

Two way radio hire, easy to use, fast direct communications battery operated, internal and external use

Private functions, schools / carnivals / shows, sporting events, road and construction sites, redundancy system and fall back to mobile phones

part of risk management systems

We offer great rates for the small business to the large company. Single operators, warehouse stock control, security services, Trade services, equestrian events, sporting groups, construction, Media, industrial manufacturing, theatre concerts, shopping centres, Car parking traffic control, bush walking, 4WD and many others.

It is a cost effective and quick way to communicate.



We can monitor via the following paths:

  • Digital Dialler
  • GSM
  • GPRS Permaconn Monitoring
  • IR Multi-Path IP Monitoring
  • Safecom Radio Monitoring



DIGITAL DIALLER MONITORING: Standard dialler systems are the most common alarm systems quoted and installed in the market. They are cost effective in set up and monthly fees however they do not carry any secondary back up so in the event the phone line went out the signal would not make it to the control room. Dialler based systems also incur 1345 phone call charges every time a test call / or an open and close event occurs which adds to the monthly charge.


GSM MONITORING:JV Protection Services can provide a GSM module for most alarms. This module can communicate the alarm event to the control room through the Optus, Telstra or Vodafone mobile networks. The alarm does not run through the standard PSTN network, meaning as long as the mobile network is running, the alarm signal will make it back to the control room.


IP ALARM MONITORING: Once the alarm panel has collected the alarm data, the IP Module sends the data at a high speed to the control room, allowing the control room to then respond to the event. The IP Module will normally poll every 60 or 90 seconds (i.e. a signal sent from the IP Module to the control room receiver). Also known as a ‘heart beat’, the polling communicates whether or not the alarm is online. In the event that a signal is missed over a period of time, this indicates that the alarm is no longer on line and communication has been lost.


GPRS MULTI-PATH:Multi Path GPRS incorporates some of the above technologies however offers redundancy in the event one path or the other path fails. JV Protection Services uses the solution from Inner Range. Inner Range is an international company offering GPRS Solutions in many countries around the world and offers all graded security levels required by insurance companies in Australia. As a primary method, Inner Range uses the internet to communicate to the control room. In the event the Internet fails, the IR Multi-path module switches to the mobile network sending tiny packets of data back to the control room in a defined period of time. These tiny packets act as the ‘heart beat’, telling the control room that whilst the Internet has failed the mobile network is keeping it online until the Internet restores. The IR Multi-path is graded from Grade 1 – 5 based on the Australian Standards.


SAFECOM RADIO MONITORING: Safecom delivers a high grade alarm transmission service to our customers. All messages such as open and close reports, system status events and alarm messages are transmitted from your site to the monitoring centre in less than a quarter of a second. The network polls the Safecom panel every 30 seconds to ensure integrity of the service at no extra cost. The Safecom network is a dedicated radio network solely aimed at providing a high speed, reliable alarm transmission service.


VIDEO VERFICATION MONITORING (Videofied): JV Protection Services believes that the best way to secure your property is to have a properly installed Video Verification alarm system, as it allows the control room to automatically dispatch the police* or patrol response in the event of alarm activation or hold up.

Videofied is not a surveillance system, but works when an alarm sensor is activated with the PIR snapping a 10-second clip of the intruder. This clip is then sent to the keyholder’s email account and a phone call is then made to notify the keyholder of the event. This image is not high definition, however allows the control room to instantly view footage to establish whether or not a break in has occurred and aids them in providing evidence of a break in to police.

Completely wireless, the Videofied system will last years without a battery change and has both wireless internal and external PIRS. These PIRS have IR Illumination and the system can be used without any external power, which makes this system a very easy and cost effective solution.



Central Monitoring Station

JV Protection Services Central Monitoring Center in Adelaide, relies on a state of art automation system designed and built by JVPS engineers. The system was architected to support the specific requirements of 24/7/365 interactive monitoring and reflects the years of experience that only JV Protection Services can offer in this industry. Coupling Microsoft technology with industry leading digital receiving hardware allows our Operators to work with our customers quickly and confidently so that their focus is on our customers’ business and not our own.

Just as important, is the commitment that JV Protection Services has made to ensure that the facility is substantial enough to operate in the event of an emergency. In the event of a power loss, the Central Monitoring Center is powered by both a full battery backup for every machine and an onsite diesel generator.

The primary communications to the facility are fully redundant fiber optic connections. Additionally, JV Protection Services maintains several fixed wireless link backups for all data communications. However, disaster recovery planning means planning for the very worst probability and JV Protection Services has done just that to ensure the continuity of our services for our customers. The internet access is provided by three different companies and delivered on three different physical connections from three different compass points.


The state of the art measures that JV Protection Services has taken to ensure the continuity of our service in the event of disaster may seem extreme. At JV Protection Services, it is simply the appropriate commitment to ensure that our customers’ business operations are protected even when ours may be compromised. For our current and prospective customers this is just another example of JV Protection Services focusing on the details so that you do not have to.